Be My Ballet VIP

Dedicate a day to your big love, ballet!

Are you ready to give yourself a special treat?

All eyes on you? (Actually mine and yours!)

Your special opportunity to make a clear statement that you’re ready for MORE.

Exquisite 1:1 time with me,

a loving and safe container to peel off that layer that holds you back.

Yes, you’re here to make it happen - that next ballet level should be yours.

Let’s do it.

The Ballet VIP Day is perfect for ambitious adult dancers of all levels, including those who are considering coming back to ballet but who need support on how to do it!

What happens during a Ballet VIP Day:

(Example) for ambitious adult dancers:

I’ll give you my feedback and advice for a specific problem:

You wanna make that pirouette happen? This is your chance!

You’re looking for different/more corrections because the one your current teachers have given you feel awkward or insufficient.

You want to know what you can do on your own, besides taking ballet classes, to speed up your progress.

You struggle with emotional insecurities around ballet.
Clarity and a motivation boost would mean the world to you.

*Let’s talk about you and ballet.

15 minutes.

I’ll listen closely to what you desire for you and ballet and your future together! :-)

If you don’t know yet what your (longterm) vision for ballet is: I have a sixth sense for this and definitely will let you know.

*Let’s make a plan.

45 minutes. 

I share with you what stood out for me in your vision, (Or help to clearly see it yourself) and point out the next steps for you to do.

I’ll help you to give it a healthy framework filled with the required actions.

*Let’s have a break. 

30-60 minutes.

 (depending on how hungry we are :-))
But besides eating, this time is dedicated to let things sink, let things fall into its place, anchor your visions into your body, (For you and for me!) 
Or I already give you instructions how to prepare for the next session....

*Let’s dance it out.

45 minutes.

It’s important that you know exactly how to implement your roadmap. 

We make sure that you get the exercise/correction.

We do this with loads of attention and awareness, and the needed amount of repetitions or explanations you need to feel it in every cell of your body.

*Let’s open the gate for success.

15 minutes.

We finalize and summarize our day together and I’ll give you important extra tips that help you implement all the hot ballet shizzle we brought to light.

*Let’s stay in touch.

45 minutes.

2 weeks after your VIP day we’ll meet again to see how it’s going (sharing your success stories) and to do the necessary fine adjustments and follow up corrections. YAY!

Who else could be a perfect fit for a Ballet VIP day?

For the ballet newbies and ballet restarters:

You need help in figuring out how to get started. One-on-one lessons over Zoom? In-person instruction? Your local ballet class? DIY lessons on YouTube? And how do you fit your practice into your life and living room?

Let’s map it all out together.

For the ballet pros:

You’ve been told again and again that there’s one thing you must do—like improving turnout or cultivating an insane level of flexibility—but it just doesn’t work for your body.

The only thing you’re cultivating in your body is (even more) tension?

I can give you relief and show you exactly how to make it work for your ballet body.

For the ballet teachers:

You long for new input and insights that could not only refresh your teaching but make life 

as a (way too often way too drained) teacher enjoyable again - while having an inspiring talk between experts?

(you and me!)

As an extra please don’t forget to ask that one thing that’s given you headaches throughout your career. (Hint: You’ve been right!!)

"I didn't get that, even in my professional ballet education.
But what I get from you is tools, steps, input that brings me forward -
I have something in my hands I can work with and navigate out of that unbearable feeling of stuckness and lack of drive."

Anna Bonaccorso

Ready to go?

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Ballet VIP Day now.

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