An explorative journey into ballet, improvisation and embodied choreography.

Floresta Encantada - Sintra, Portugal
Sept 12-17, 2023

Calling all dance enthusiasts who are on a journey to deepen their artistry and pleasure in their dance practices.

Join a Collaborative, supportive Journey with Ramona Schmid of LET'S PLAY BALLET and owner of Embodied Dance, Alison Pagano for a one of a kind retreat combining the healing aspects of dance and ballet with choreography making in the majestic town of Sintra, Portugal.

Immerse yourself in daily classes to refine your anatomical awareness, ballet technical aspects and the embodiment of your natural movement qualities.
Ramona and Allison will teach individually and collectively each day on their expertise and combine classes to support you in your artistic voice and expression of choreography making.

Price: EUR 1888.-

early bird EUR 1555.- (until 30th of June 2023)

Note: Accommodation is not included in the price but we can recommend you nice places
in 2 to 19 min walking distance from our retreat venue!!
Go to our recommendations HERE!


Daily schedule (subject to change):

 We recommend you arrive the 11th at your accommodation)

We officially start on the 12th at 3pm 

Welcome and Introductions, group dance practice, dinner in Sintra

Sept 13th- Regular schedule (see below)

Sep 14th-  1 Morning class followed by forest dance 11:30-1pm afternoon session at 4pm

Sep 15th-  2 Morning classes followed by beach afternoon 1:30-4pm (no afternoon session)

Sep 16th- Regular schedule

Sep 17th- Morning class and dance share. (filming optional) finish by 3pm

*Embodied Dance class with Allison 10am-11 

Break (snack and coffee/tea)11-11:30

*Ramonas Refine and Empower 11:30-12:30

Lunch at the Casita 12:30- 1:30

break 1:30pm- 4pm (time to read, hike, swim and explore the amazing, rich history of Sintra)

Class 4-6pm personal choreography making with Allison and Ramona. In these sessions, we will more personally investigate our unique stories through dance and cultivate short, authentic choreographies.

Dinner and relax- Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in the world to eat and explore local cuisine and events.

*these class times are interchangeable


EUR 1888.- 

early bird EUR 1555.- until the 30th of June


About your facilitators.

Allison Pagano, Embodied Dance:

I am a dancer, teacher and performer with 22 years in the Healing Arts.
I have spent my adult career exploring how people heal with and through movement as well as understanding how energy and quantum healing can combine with dance to provide transformative experiences for performers, audiences, clients and students.

Embodied Dance was born out of a desire to fill in the gaps in dance training where the mind body connection is often missing as well as to provide a holistic approach teaching to and from the WHOLE PERSON.

This method seeks to provide experiences using dance as a HEALING communicative tool to explore how we interpret, address and envision what it means to be human; evolving and responding to our changing times.

Allison believes that dance is a universal art form with the power to heal and transform individuals and audiences when approached with mindfulness at the core of its process. Her background in Cultural Anthropology and world travel shape her perspective that 'all people are meant to express through dance'

Learn more about Allison here:

Ramona Schmid, LET'S PLAY BALLET:

is a mentor for adult ballet dancers and advocate for playful learning.

A late starter herself, she helps dancers around the globe access ballet in a juicy and playful way. She deeply believes playfulness is the ultimate means by which we humans learn successfully. Ramona’s approach combines ballet with mental imagery, improvisation, mindfulness and dance anatomy.
She works with amateurs as well as with professional dancers and artists

Learn more about Ramona here: