Nail it!

a 4 weeks turning intensive for adult dancers.


02.06. - 30.06.2021




Tired of not making any progress, when it comes to turning?


You already have loads of corrections in your head but instead they would help you -  you end up overwhelmed & frustrated?

You're even asking yourself:  "Does any of these corrections actually work for me?"


Maybe you even feel very close to master your desired turn, but - especially in a combo or choreography you end up in freeze mode while the only thing you want to do is TURNING (even a bad turn would be a success).


Btw. the reason because you couldn't figure out yet to turn is definitely NOT because you're a ballet late starter, or have not enough Turn out, or...


The reason is:


The fundamentals of turning are often treated as asides.

The feeling for the own axe, spotting , an intentional plié,...SEEM to be easy and SEEM to come naturally. 

But they don't!


And that's not your fault!


Especially if you`re an adult late starter.

These key elements need an in depth explanation and understanding,

which allows you to improve whatever turn you want to improve.


Slow & mindful practicing is key.


You want to be aware, you want to be in control.


We learn to estimate how complex dancing (ballet) really is.

There are so many layers involved - ballet technique, your body, your brain, your emotions, your story,...

and ALL of them need attention because you NEED to bring ALL of them together to make ballet happen!





* we set realistic & achievable goals AND keep track of our progress consistently.

(btw. achievable is NOT the opposite of mind blowing!)


* we go into (your) anatomy because we want to get the most out of what we already have - 

we don't want to waste energy with working against our bodies.


* we learn to trust and deeply tune into our feelings and sensations because THEY are the best advisor ever!

(Your body already knows what works!!)


* we use ballet technique to make things work not to complicate things! :-)


* we remind ourselves that dancing is (also) about emotions & telling a story and if we add this

to our technique/turns the true ballet magic WILL happen!!




So, boys and girls, let's do this!!



Turning is just awesome and I want you to make it your most favorite thing to do -

the thing that make you feel proud because YOU know how to do it!!







2 Intensive Group Workshops 

- where I'll share ALL the anatomical & ballet technical knowledge THAT actually works for adult dancers +

I' can't wait to teach you what magic mindset-work does to your turns...Woohooo!!


2 Check-in Group Sessions

Check-in for customized tipps and feedback.

Submit your burning questions and get them answered live.



Access to private FB group 

I'll feed you consistently with valuable insights and input! Yes. I want you to succeed!!

The FB group is also the place to make new ballet friends but it's especially a place where we celebrate our breakthroughs

and are keeping the energy and motivation high.



All workshops & sessions will be recorded and available as replays.




Group ticket: EUR 297.-


VIP package: EUR 597.-

= Group ticket + 1:1 Personalized Movement Analysis with Ramona




Payment plan available, drop me a message to set yours up!