private offerings





If you have very specific questions about your body, about your quality of movement,

it's always super exciting to work on in an hour, just for you.

Where "working on it" means being surprised how your body reacts to new input.


Input like e.g. fine supporting touches, your imagination which we use quite purposefully, balls and ligaments with which we experiment, anatomical basic knowledge which we take to help...


and of course we take our time to take a closer look at your ballet technique.





I am also happy to shed light on questions such as


*Are there ways to improve my turn out?


*How do I stretch correctly? What do I have to pay attention to in order not to hurt myself?


*What is the best way to warm up for a ballet class?


*How can I work on my mobility? (without stretching)


*Does it make sense to start ballet as an adult?



Or you have been playing with the idea of trying ballet for a long time

and want to experience it in a private lesson.




Please feel free to contact me,

to find out what YOUR private lesson could look like!




"Ballet Try Out": 72.-


1 private lesson: 80.-

If you want to book a block of 3 private lessons or more: 75.- per class


On request I also offer private lessons or workshops for small groups.