Only when I was an adult did my passion for ballet (once again) fully hit me.


Soon I noticed that the approach of an adult to learn such demanding things is different. 

Maybe a not so impartial - but not less passionate - that's what kept me going.


The physical preconditions are also different - although I always stress that it is the movement patterns that we have acquired over the years that make us more biased, inflexible, uncoordinated and biased.

And if we take a closer look, it is actually the mental patterns that prevent us from turning to new things easily and playfully.

(I've never been physically in such great shape as now!!)



In order to have a tool to work with these mental-physical connections on a professional level, I decided to train as a movement pedagogue of the Franklin Method® .

And because it was then also a request to me, dance pedagogisch

and get ballet-technically fit,

for an education at the Academy for Ballet and Dance Pedagogy+Dance Medicine, with a focus on ballet.



Meanwhile it is learning itself that fascinates me.

- being open to something new - our approach to "doing the wrong thing" - impartiality in contrast to constant evaluation - 

I would like to encourage you to show yourself and give you space to marvel at yourself again and again...

and to remember all the many possibilities that can be found in yourself and around you. 




trained with the following teachers:

Dance Arts, AUT

Eva-Maria Kraft, AUT

Bettina Schäfer, AUT

Flore Benoit, AUT

Andrea Nagl, AUT

Zvi Gotheiner/Impulstanz

Masterclasses u.A. bei Franko Schmidt/Tanztheater Wuppertal PINA BAUSCH, Festspielhaus St. Pölten

Akademie für Ballett- und Tanzpädagogik + Tanzmedizin, Judith-Elisa Kaufmann, AUT



Further trainings /Input:

Tanz die Toleranz Workshop mit Royston Maldoom, Choreograph & Dancepedagogue, Film: "Rhythm is it!"

Impulstanz Workshop with Jos McKain, Contemporary Jazz, The Pleasure Principle

Impulstanz Workshop with Corinne Lanselle, Modern Technique

Impulstanz Workshop with Angélique Willkie, Voice and Movement 

Building the Warrior Heart - workshop with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco



GOETHE Institut, Wien Sommerkursstandort