Build your reliable ballet base or fill your ballet gaps with the nitty-gritty knowledge that makes all the difference.



Some topics come up in my 1:1 work regardless of the current ballet level of my students.

This means I need to go through them with - ballet re-starters, ballet beginners, ballet teachers, AND professional (ballet) dancers.

I'm talking about:

**Anatomical fundamentals.
 >> Time to get to know your instrument aka ballet body.

**Learning to trust what you feel. (A VERY big one)

**Awareness of supportive vs. unsupportive thoughts. 
>> Mindset  - The problem is not your lack of flexibility, believe me!

**Activating the playful explorer in you.
>>Strengthening YOUR empowered way of doing ballet)

**Admitting what you want from ballet.
>>There are endless possibilities between doing it as a hobby and pirouetting on world-class stages - though few dare to explore what's out of the boxes.)

The ingredients above are the missing links for so many dancers out there,

and the moment I became aware of the "pattern" I couldn't help but put the material 

into 6 modules and made it available as a group program.


if ALL of the above works together - and I’ll masterfully help you to connect the dots -

A new (ballet) world will open up for you - one that feels absolutely doable because you have the clarity and knowledge and confidence to fiercely go where YOU WANT TO GO. 
(Positive Side effects: Changes in other aspects of your life - hehe)

You’ll not only become friends with your body - you'll fall in love with its wisdom.

You’ll no longer waste time and loads of energy doubting and questioning yourself instead 
gain a deep trust that the best way to do things is YOUR way (Yes, also in ballet!)

You’ll realize that you’re still playing small in ballet - but daring to vulnerably admit what you want, will open more than one door for you.

Let's BE/come those authentic, trustful, and expressive dancers.

I can’t wait to see you blooming!!

What's required for this program? 
An open mind and a willingness to re-learn learning.


Structure of the course:

6 weeks, 6 modules filled with the essence of my 1:1 work:

One module a week (75 min) / I'll record all the modules for you - you can rewatch them as often as you want!

Themes of the modules:

#1 Alignment Inside Out

#2 The Anatomical Center of your Ballet Body >> Your Pelvis
#3 The Art and Depth of doing Tendus

#4 Creating Ballet Flow

#5 Understanding Pirouettes -

      From A (Anatomy) to Z (Zooming out to get the underlying principles)

#6 Ballet Journey Visioning + Mindset

A private Facebook Group where you can ask your questions, share your breakthroughs, and connect to the other dancers.

Start of the program: Thursday the 12th of January 2023, 5 pm CET

EUR 666.- 

(payment plan available)


VIP upgrade: Have me 1:1 by your side throughout the 6 weeks.
Bi-weekly 1:1's with Ramona: 

EUR 1054.-

(Group program + VIP upgrade: EUR 1720.-)


Do you have more/different questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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