Hi, I'm Ramona.

I'm a ballet mentor

for adult dancers. 










ballet is just awesome and I'm here to give you professional support

to navigate successfully through your adult ballet journey.




I deeply believe and have seen it again and again that we adult ballet dancers are capable of GREAT progress.


But because we are quite a new species,

we need to adapt the traditional approach and how we were used to learn ballet.





Here's what we do instead:


We create a space where you…



*as a dancer learn about anatomy and the benefits of understanding basic anatomical functions.


*feel safe and seen while you explore your passion with curiosity & playfulness.

*are supported by people who love to help you to express and find the artist in you - from the very beginning on.


*feel empowered to connect ballet technique to YOUR ballet body.


*learn to listen and trust your innate body wisdom.


*get independent because of all the knowledge and insights you’ll gain.

  Ready to apply on your own.


*create your unique ballet success story.




Apply for my 1:1 mentorship program


and book a call with me to get started.




I never call ballet a luxury or a hobby.



I was blown away by the transformational power of ballet, when I started at the age of 26. 


And I'm quite sure, you are here, because you know or sense it too.

It challenges us to bring out the most precious of our qualities.

Dedication, expression, will power, self awareness, patience, poise, intelligence - to just name a few.



Is this you?









"Finetuning on the deepest leveI with the trust in your own capability

to know what is right for your body."


Simona Kortenhaus

dancer, dance teacher, yoga teacher - Trinity Laban London graduate







"Highly recommended for ambitious and impatient people,

who do not believe in themselves and what they can achieve."


Sumaya Fahrner

adult ballet and acrobatics late starter






"I feel doing the masterclasses with you, was the first step reconnecting to ballet, in a very safe frame, rediscover the joy and getting some fresh inputs! For now I had time to only for the first one, but will dive into the next ones this week!

Thank you Ramona, for the generosity!"


Maja Zimmerlin - professional dancer